Hottest Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Hottest Trends in Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is all about bringing out your personality through the look and feel of your home. Whether contemporary, classic or new age flooring, you simply can’t go wrong with hardwood.

Hardwood flooring cannot be compared with any other flooring when you consider its amazing beauty. Hardwood flooring is a perfect blend of elegance and luxury for your entire home. The flooring comes in many styles and patterns which allow for more options from a design perspective. Hardwood flooring is a lifetime investment which guarantees you the perfect look and feel for your home. Hardwood flooring also boasts the added advantage of easy cleaning maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in hardwood flooring.

Natural and Beachy Colors


Using white tends to give an upscale, classy look to any room. A clean, light-colored hardwood flooring along with a darker shade of furnishings (often blues and greens) offers a calm environment your family and guests can enjoy.


Gray gives off the perfect vibe among neutral colors and is gaining popularity in hardwood flooring. Gray tones range from the lightest neutral colors to darker charcoal shades. Gray gives the natural beauty of real wood and highlights the texture and grain of the wood which is an eye-catching feature for all of your most favorite rooms in your home.


A key design idea that matches lighter wood furnishings really well is using a beige colored flooring. Some of the best interior designers advise their clients to match the tone of the furnishings with the flooring.

Larger Planks

A recent trend in hardwood flooring includes the use of wider or longer planks which are five to seven inches wide instead of the traditional two to three inches. Wide planks are a good option for living rooms and master bedrooms because they visually create a much bigger impression even in a small space. To achieve a more authentic looking hardwood floor people prefer to use longer planks.

Antique/Rustic Look

By far, the fastest growing trend in hardwood flooring these days is to give your floors an antiqued look. Rustic or reclaimed hardwood flooring will add unequaled character and warmth to the space. Sometimes woods taken from historic buildings are then recycled and cleaned and used to add a rich feel and aged worn beauty. Sometimes the nail holes in the wood are kept as it is to give the wooden flooring a natural and more rustic look.

Classic Planks

Once a popular and widely used choice in hardwood flooring, classic planks have gone through the renaissance over the years. People who are looking for a more antiqued look on their floor are choosing this nowadays. Clean planks are easy to clean and maintain making them a popular choice for families with children and pets.

Multi-stained Planks

Multi-stained planks give an aesthetically pleasing look to your hardwood flooring. It can be laid either horizontally, vertically or even diagonally according to the taste of the home owner. Multi stained plank compliments a variety of looks and contributes to the antique furniture in the room.

These days, Homeowners showing more personality towards hardwood flooring. And with the aid of new technological advancement in the hardwood flooring industry, builders are having more options to choose from to keep up with varying consumer tastes and styles.

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