5 Simple Steps to Branding Your Business

5 Simple Steps to Branding Your Business

Impressionable marketing tools are said to be the dictating factor of the success or failure for a new business. Thus, branding your business can be seen as quite the burden. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing will relieve your concerns because we know what it takes to effectively brand a business. With our top-of-the-line service and marketing expertise, we have developed the

5 Simple Steps to Branding Your Business:

1. Start with a business, a blank vehicle, and a vision

It doesn’t take much to get started! Recently, Bayshore Cabinets & Millwork came to Full Sail Graphics & Marketing as a small contracting business with a new van and the objective of  creating a brand identity for their business.

2. Create a logo

Like we have with so many other customers, the experienced graphic designers at Full Sail Graphics & Marketing were able to help Bayshore Cabinets & Millwork develop a new logo that was creative, but still communicated the purpose of their business. This professional, new logo was the start of BCM’s new brand. This logo can now be used to create a consistent company identity on vehicles, signage, business cards, websites and more!

3. Design a template of your vehicle graphics

From there, we were able to develop graphics for the vehicle that clearly exhibited the quality of work BCM produces. A Full Sail Graphics & Marketing design specialist was able to compose a 2-D template of what the BCM van would look like. Revisions were done until they were completely satisfied.


4. Print

The printing of the final product does not begin until the customer approves the graphics.  Full Sail Graphics & Marketing uses top-of-the-line HP digital, latex ink printers and 3M vinyl and laminate.

5. Install

Full Sail Graphics & Marketing uses highly qualified installers who will get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Because BCM was near our warehouse, they we able to bring their van to us and the install was completed in just one day. Because vehicles are essential part of helping a business make money, Full Sail Graphics & Marketing realizes the importance of minimizing the time the vehicle is off the road.


Bayshore Cabinets & Millwork is one of many customers who have come to Full Sail Graphics & Marketing as an understated company, and left a fully branded business. Our graphics and printing services allow us to create impressive vehicle wraps, signs & banners, displays, and window/wall graphics that will address all of your marketing platforms for branding your business. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing makes the task of branding your business quick and easy.

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